the vintage catalog project


This is an independent compilation of rare vintage catalogs, price lists and parts lists originally published by International Watch Company, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.


Currently available catalogs by year (click for access):

ca. 1891-92 Catalog (Fournitures No. 1)

1898 Catalog

1902 Catalog (Fournitures No. 2)

1906 Catalog

1908 Catalog (Fournitures No. 3)

1911 Catalog

1914 Catalog

1917 Catalog (Fournitures No. 4)

1935 Catalog (Fournitures No. 5)

1938 Catalog

1941-42 Catalog (Blue edition)

1941-42 Catalog  (Grey edition)

ca. 1940s Catalog (Fournitures No. 6)

1952 Catalog (Fournitures No. 7)

1957 Catalog

1966 Catalog

1972 Catalog

1974 Catalog

1978 Catalog (Pocket Watches)

1979 Catalog

1980 Catalog

1981 Catalog

1982 Catalog

For an index by model reference number (click for access):

IWC Vintage Reference Index

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